Bobby Trundley - 22

Award winning karting champion
21-year old Bobby Trundley from Wokingham was diagnosed with autism at 4 years old and from an early age, has found motorsport to have a profound impact on the way he copes with the condition. His passion for the sport was ignited when he first sat in a go-kart at the age of 10, and in 2011 he was awarded the Charlie Parker Memorial Trophy at Buckmore Park, as the most promising driver. In 2014 he was a finalist out of sixty participants in the Ginetta Junior Scholarship, having only minimal experience. In 2015, he raced in the Daytona Dmax Endurance Championship, starting two rounds down but narrowly missing the podium by just three points. He is now the reigning Dmax champion, holding five titles, three time Endurance and two times Heats Champion 2017 & 18. He has been awarded a wealth of trophies, and has taken part in charity events such as the Damon Hill Kart Challenge in aid of the Halow Project and the Back on Track Charity Kart Race. Bobby has been awarded the Anna Kennedy OBE, Autism Hero Award for outstanding achievement in sport and was awarded the ANCA World Autism Festival Excellence in Sport Award 2017.
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Matty Street - 22

Matty was diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia and Asperger’s (a form of autism) when he was at school. At the age of 12 he discovered karting, which had a huge effect on him and helped him manage the challenges that Asperger’s can cause. He won a £30k scholarship to go racing at the age of 14 which opened doors to the expensive world of motorsport. He studied motorsport engineering then went on to secure a degree. He now runs Rochdale’s TeamKarting, the UK’s highest rated karting track and has won an award for being Autism Friendly. Matty has helped introduce numerous Autistic children to karting, some of which are now racing outdoors. Matty began racing with the team in June 2019.
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Andrew Tucker - 31

31-year-old Andrew Tucker from Llandevaud was riding his motorbike in Newport in January 2013 when a car collided with him when he was stationary at traffic lights, causing a range of serious injuries. He tore the ACL in his knee, which required partial reconstruction, he has an inverted right ankle, muscle damage to his lower leg and a large piece of muscle has had to be removed from the back of his calf. He also has limited movement and deformity in his right shoulder, trapped nerves in his neck, scoliosis and spondylitis in his spine and a deformed right hand and foot. Alongside the physical damage, Andrew suffers with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety. He took part in one of the team’s first ever Racing Academy sessions at Donington Race Circuit then attended a rookie assessment day at Brands Hatch. In September 2019 he was invited to become a rookie driver with the team, competing in the GAZ shocks BMW 116 Trophy in 2020.
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Aaron Morgan - 29

29-year-old Aaron from Basingstoke was a keen motocross racer from the age of 7, Aaron regularly took part in local race meetings and in April 2006 he had an accident whilst riding a jump on his favourite track, causing him to break his spine. He was in a coma for almost four weeks, followed by a lengthy period of recovery at the Duke of Cornwall Spinal injuries Unit in Salisbury, Aaron returned to study, eventually achieving a 2:1 in Sports Science at Brunel University. He then returned to his passion for motorsport, becoming the youngest disabled person to achieve a National B Race Licence. Since 2014, Aaron has raced as the only disabled driver in the BMW Compact Cup Championship. Having been approached by Founder and CEO of Team BRIT, Dave Player, Aaron is set to take to the track with Team BRIT in 2020 in the Aston Martin GT4.
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Luke Pound - 31

31-year-old Luke Pound is from Abertillery near Newport. Luke, who is originally from Swindon, had an accident on his motorbike in 2011 resulting in brachial plexus injury – the breaking of all five nerves into his left arm. This has left him with no movement in his left hand and very little movement in his left arm. A planner for DHL’s Tradeteam, Luke came across Team BRIT online and got in touch to find out more about its Racing Academy opportunities, being a lifetime fan of racing. He joined the team for two track days in April 2020 and was invited to join the team as a rookie. Luke now races in one of the team’s BMW 116s in the Trophy Category of the Britcar Championship.
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Chris Overend - 39

Chris Overend from Southampton was born with development dysplasia of the hips and spent years from the age of 12 suffering with injuries and pain caused by an undiagnosed problem. When he was 24, he was skiing in France when he suffered a severe back spasm undoing his boots. When he returned home a surgeon confirmed that during puberty his femoral artery became pinched, causing his left hip and pelvis to become deformed. The top of this femur had rotated 90 degrees from where it should be and his right hip was 30% bigger than it should be and was partially dislocated. Prior to this, Chris had forged a successful career as a photographer, working with London Fashion Week and travelling the world on commissions for global titles. He eventually gave up the profession after other operations and became a technical instructor of photography at Solent University. He went on to discover wheelchair tennis, in which he received a world ranking. Chris joined the team in August 2021 and began a rookie development programme with the aim of racing in the team's BMW M240i in 2022.
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Tyrone Mathurin - 42

Tyrone, who is from Battersea, was riding his motorbike in 2005 when he crashed after riding over an obscured pothole. The accident caused four nerves to be torn from his spinal cord. During surgery to reattach the nerves, doctors were unaware of a hematoma putting pressure onto his spinal cord. A week later he awoke from an induced coma, paralysed from head to toe. He spent seven months on a hospital bed, slowly gaining slight movement in his limbs. Eventually he learned to walk, dress cook and write for himself once again. He now has weakness in his right leg, no movement in his right hip and no feeling from his right hand to his right elbow. Tyrone joined the team in August 2021 and began a rookie development programme. He hopes to race the team's BMW 118 in the Britcar Championship in 2022.
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