Adding a whole new dynamic to the Fun Cup Championship

Roxie Marandi from the Fun Cup UK, gives us her insight on the unique nature of the Championship and what she feels Team BRIT has brought to the series.

I really am lucky to have such a unique job, surrounded by wonderful people from so many different walks of life.

Fun Cup, in my opinion, is simply the best championship in Europe. Nothing else comes close. Having grown up in motor sport, Fun Cup stands out as the friendliest paddock I have ever been in. Combine this with the huge one-make grids, which are just shy of 100 drivers at each round & hours of racing; the result is a phenomenal success.

For the rookie, Fun Cup has a huge appeal because of the massive amount of track time. Races range from 3 - 6 hours in the UK & 25 hours at Spa. There is so much time to learn your race craft & if you need any tips, the more experienced drivers are always happy to help. The competition is fierce on track, but so friendly off-track.     

When I consider what Team Brit has brought to the championship, from a business point of view, it is a huge amount of increased social media exposure & TV coverage. But to me personally, they are about so much more than facts & figures.

They have added a whole new dynamic to the championship with their positive, grounded attitude. They stand out to me, because of their commitment and determination at each event, not because of any injuries they have suffered. They don't want any special treatment. It's not about a group of men who are struggling & want you to know what they have been through (in fact I've never heard them mention their past). It's about a group of strong men who are achieving big as a team, they do not merely exist but they live life. They inspire, but they are unaware of it. 

I am humbled by them and quite frankly they fascinate me, but I have tried to keep that a secret (until now!)...

We are delighted that they chose Fun Cup to begin their motorsport journey!

Find out more about the Fun Cup at www.funcup.co.uk.

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