Sharing our story - helping us on the road to Le Mans

Team BRIT – what a story.  When I joined the team as PR Manager back in February, I was blown away by its fascinating story and the potential to share it far and wide.

The team is looking to do what no else has done before – but crucially – it is also looking to inspire and motivate others to take on challenges and believe that anything is possible.

Dave Player’s drive and desire to change the way that disabled drivers are able to compete is something that the public and the motor sport industry are listening to.

Likewise, the stories of our four drivers inspire everyone who hears them.  Put this all together and it makes the most compelling and fascinating story that we are working hard to share as widely as we can.

Why is this so important?  Public support is crucial to our team.  Many people mistakenly think that we are a charity.  We’re not.  We’re a racing team like any other and we can only race if we have the backing of sponsors who provide the finance and essential kit we need to compete.

By generating media coverage of our story, more and more people are hearing about Team BRIT, getting behind the team, and looking for ways to help us.

Our media reach has been of a continually high level since our launch event in February and we’re pleased to be able to offer our sponsors this level of exposure on a regular basis.  We’re also continually overwhelmed by the messages of support we receive and the growing fan base getting behind the team.

We’re looking to make history but we’re also looking to change the way that people view disability, by normalising it.  The media can help us do that by sharing our story – and we’ll be looking to make Team BRIT a well-known and well-loved sporting story as we steer our way to Le Mans.

Lucy Sheehan
PR Manager

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