Andy Tucker

  • 33yrs
  • Newport
  • Aston Martin GT4 driver

Andy Tucker from Llandevaud was riding his motorbike in Newport in January 2013 when a car collided with him when he was stationary at traffic lights, causing a range of serious injuries.

He tore the ACL in his knee, which required partial reconstruction, he has an inverted right ankle, muscle damage to his lower leg and a large piece of muscle had to be removed from the back of his calf. He also has limited movement and deformity in his right shoulder, trapped nerves in his neck, scoliosis and spondylitis in his spine and a deformed right hand and foot.

Alongside the physical damage, Andy suffers with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety. Andy previously worked as a mechanic in the British Quad Racing Championship and as the manager of a major skate park, as well as singing in a successful metal band.

Andy took part in one of the team’s first ever Racing Academy sessions at Donington Race Circuit then attended a rookie assessment day at Brands Hatch. In September 2019 he was invited to become a rookie driver with the team, competing in the Britcar Endurance Trophy in 2020 in our BMW 116. In 2021 he raced our BMW M240i in the Britcar Championship and in 2022 he will race our Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 in the British Endurance Championship.

“My injuries have not only caused a whole host of physical challenges and changes, they have also left me feeling isolated and depressed, so for a long time I didn’t feel able to take on new opportunities.

“I saw the stories of the injured and disabled drivers competing with Team BRIT and was completely inspired. I knew that if they could they do it, then I could to.

“My first time using the hand controls was just amazing! I’ve taken part in track days using my own car before, but with my injuries, you just can’t compete in racing equally. The hand controls completely level the playing field and immediately I knew this was the new start I needed. It’s also the perfect form of therapy for me physically and mentally.

“Since starting out with the team, my racing skill and experience has improved dramatically and I’m 100% focused on moving further up the ranks all the way to our Le Mans goal.”


Andy Tucker
Andy Tucker
Andy Tucker
Andy Tucker
Andy Tucker
Andy Tucker
Andy Tucker
Andy Tucker
Andy Tucker
Andy Tucker
Andy Tucker
Andy Tucker

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