Coventry cancer survivor joins Team BRIT

A lady from Coventry who battled cancer three times has joined the crew of Team BRIT. 

55-year-old Tracey Pahel was diagnosed with soft tissue cancer in the back of her thigh in 2004, then again in 2007 and 2009.  When she then found another lump, she elected to have the leg amputated as it was so heavily damaged. 

Tracey has now become part of the team that manages Team BRIT’s Racing Academy. Team BRIT aims to be the first all-disabled team to race in the Le Mans 24 hour, and through its Racing Academy, it supports drivers with a range of physical and psychological challenges in accessing motorsport.

Tracey was one of the first people to attend an Academy track day after it launched in February this year and has now attended 5 sessions.  She was keen to be further involved and now works with the team, acting as the host for guests at each of the Academy sessions held at circuits across the country.

Team BRIT is yet to have a female driver as part of its racing team and Tracey joined three other disabled women at Silverstone in September, who were all invited to come along and try out life on the track. Tracey spent time out in the cars using the team’s world-leading hand control technology, as well as introducing the ladies to the team.  She hopes to start racing in 2020.

Tracey confirmed: “Every time I turn up to a Team BRIT track day it just gets better and better. Each time I meet new people and see them come out of the cars with the biggest smiles on their faces and saying; "I want to go out on the track again", it’s just great.  It was also brilliant to see so many ladies at Silvestone on Monday. 

“Being behind the wheel makes my heart race and makes me feel alive.  I'm proud to be part of this great team changing people's perceptions. I don't have a disability, I have possibilities”.

Team BRIT CEO and founder Dave Player said, “Women are hugely under-represented in motorsport, and disabled women even more so.  We’re working to level the playing field for disabled drivers, making it easier for anyone with a physical or psychological challenge to access the sport.

“We’re making huge progress, but we’re yet to have a female driver on our team and we want to change that.  Tracey has been so passionate about driving with us and supporting our Academy since she came along and met us earlier this year, and she embodies everything we’re about.

“We’re very grateful for the support she’s giving the Academy and we’re looking forward to supporting her in her entry to racing next year.”

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