Injured man from Llandevaud joins Team BRIT

A man from Llandevaud near Newport, who sustained serious injuries following a road collision has become the latest driver to join Team BRIT.

31-year-old Andrew Tucker was riding his motorbike in Newport in January 2013 when a car collided with him when he was stationary at traffic lights, causing a range of serious injuries.  He tore the ACL in his knee, which required partial reconstruction, he has an inverted right ankle, muscle damage to his lower leg and a large piece of muscle has had to be removed from the back of his calf.  He also has limited movement and deformity in his right shoulder, trapped nerves in his neck, scoliosis and spondylitis in his spine and a deformed right hand and foot.  Alongside the physical damage, Andrew suffers with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety.

After multiple surgeries, physiotherapy and therapy for his mental health. Andrew now regularly uses crutches and has to manage the limitations the injuries have caused.

Earlier this year he saw a documentary about Team BRIT and got in touch to find out more.  He took part in one of the team’s first ever Racing Academy sessions, launched this year. He visited Donington Race Circuit where he was able to drive the team’s VW Polo on the track, using its world-leading hand control technology. He impressed instructor Stuart McLaren so much that he was awarded ‘driver of the day’.

Andrew was immediately hooked and attended four more sessions with the team.  After an assessment from team founder Dave Player and Race Engineer Al Locke, Andrew was invited to become a rookie driver with the team, competing in the GAZ shocks BMW 116 Trophy in 2020.

Andrew, who has previously worked as a mechanic in the British quad racing champions and as the manager of a major skate park, as well as singing in a successful metal band, joined the team at the Birkett Relay at Silverstone this weekend, where he cheered on his future team mates and met with a number of the team’s partners and supporters.

Andrew said, “My injuries have not only caused a whole host of physical challenges and changes, they have also left me feeling isolated and depressed, so for a long time I haven’t felt able to take on new opportunities.

“I saw the stories of the injured and disabled drivers competing with Team BRIT and was completely inspired.  I knew that if they could they do it, then I could to.

“My first time using the hand controls was just amazing!  I’ve taken part in track days using my own car before, but with my injuries, you just can’t compete in racing equally.  The hand controls completely level the playing field and immediately I knew this was the new start I needed. It’s also the perfect form of therapy for me physically and mentally.

“I can’t wait to get racing with the team next year.  I’ll be taking it extremely seriously and will be searching for partners and sponsors to back me.  I’m absolutely committed to doing all I can to be at the front of the pack when I hit the track!”

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