Kettering film director joins the crew of motorsport’s most inspirational team

A film and television director from Kettering, with more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, has joined the crew of an all-disabled racing team.
49-year-old Darren Cook is the latest professional to provide their services to Team BRIT - a competitive racing team of disabled drivers. It aims to be the first all-disabled team to race in the Le Mans 24 hour, and through its Racing Academy, it supports drivers with a range of physical and psychological challenges in accessing motorsport.

Darren will be attending races, events and Academy track sessions at circuits all over the country, documenting the team’s progress and creating a range of multimedia assets to help the team tell its story.

Darren first worked with the team in 2015, creating a documentary for Sky Sports.  Being a keen motorsports fan, Darren has also joined the team on the track, competing in his first ever race with them in the Fun Cup at Silverstone in 2014.
Having trained as a videographer, editor and photographer, Darren established ‘Scruffy Bear Pictures’ 10 years ago.  He was awarded at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010 for his short film ‘Broken Silence’ on post traumatic stress disorder, and his first feature film ‘Lucas and Albert’ will be released this month.

Last year, Darren competed in the Citroen C1 endurance series and joined Team BRIT in the iconic, end of season ‘Birkett Relay’ at Silverstone.
Darren says, “When I first worked with the team, it was set up to support injured troops in accessing motorsport.  This was a cause very close to my heart as my parents were both medics in the British Army, and I was born on an Army base in Aldershot.  I was therefore keen to support this fantastic project.

“The team has since widened its reach, supporting all disabled drivers, and I’m proud to be back as part of the crew. My support for them is based on the passion they give people as a team, the smiles they create, the opportunities they make and the confidence they build within people.
“My aim is to tell the story of the team and the drivers, as they prove people wrong – achieving what others believe is impossible.”

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