Members of the public rally to get Izzy racing

Members of the public have shown their support and admiration for Isabelle Well, a 14-year-old quadruple amputee, whom Team BRIT is helping to do what she never thought possible – drive a race car.

In just over a week, over £5,000 has been donated to help Team BRIT and their partners get Izzy on the race track.

Isabelle (Izzy) contracted meningitis when she was just seven years old, resulting in the amputation of her arms and legs.  In recent years, Izzy has become an inspiration to many by setting up her own Youtube channel on which she demonstrates make up techniques, and becoming a national trampolining champion.

Team BRIT founder Dave Player invited Isabelle to one of the team’s races at Oulton Park last year so she could meet the drivers and learn more about their hand control driving technology.

Dave is now working with her to develop an advanced system to enable her to drive a race car.

Dave and his management team helped Izzy’s father Olly to set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds needed for the first stage of the project.  In just over a week, over £5,000 was donated by member of the public which will pay for a specially designed driving simulator, created by industry leaders, Vesaro, who agreed to create the bespoke technology for half of the usual cost.

Izzy’s story and her goal to drive, helped by Team BRIT, has captured attention far and wide, with a number of prime time television shows asking to interview her.  She appeared on Good Morning Britain with her father and Dave Player at the end of December and has had her story featured by the BBC and the Sun.

Izzy will take delivery of the simulator this month, which will allow her to begin her training at home, in a safe environment.  The simulator will enable Izzy to get a feel for driving and build up the relevant muscle memory she needs before a system is fitted into one of the team’s cars to let her drive on track for the first time.

Further funds will now be required to create the bespoke seat insert and prosthetics required to create a system designed especially for Izzy that will let her use her thighs and arms to drive.

The team hopes that by helping Izzy in this way, other people with amputations or disabilities will be given the confidence and belief that they too can drive.

Dave said, “it’s been wonderful to discover Izzy and to begin a really exciting journey with her and her family.  Our team is all about showing people what can be achieved with the right determination and hard work.  Disability should not be the barrier it has often been perceived as, we can provide opportunities for people and we can’t wait to see Izzy out on track.”

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for this project, please contact Dave at info@teambrit.co.uk. To donate to the Crowdfunding page visit https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/get-izzy-racing. To see a video showing Izzy’s time with the team at Oulton Park, visit https://vimeo.com/238313762.

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