New Driver joins Team BRIT

Jimmy Hill has been confirmed as the fourth driver for Team BRIT.

Jimmy, who lives in Bournemouth, joined his team mates Warren, Andy and Tony in late 2016.

A corporal in the Royal Marines, Jimmy was injured whilst deployed to Afghanistan in 2013. His unit came under fire and he was hit seven times by machine gun shots. He was hit five times in the legs resulting in a fractured femur, damaged calf and damaged sciatic nerve.

He has received ongoing rehabilitation support at Headley Court and has made a good recovery, but has a semi-paralysed ‘dropped’ foot.

KartForce was recommended to Jimmy last year and he joined Team BRIT in November 2016. Having enjoyed sport before he was injured, it allows him to compete as part of a team at a high level.

Jimmy said, “I am extremely proud and excited to be part of Team BRIT.

“Racing gives me the chance to complete on the same level as able bodied drivers. I have had to give up contact sports because of my injuries, which has been hard for me as this has always been part of who I am. I’ve now been given the chance to be part of a team again, and to learn a new sport, which has been fantastic.

“Disability is a challenge, but with challenge comes opportunity, so it has provided a new direction that will lead to a more fulfilled place in life. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead of us and hope that we can show other people that anything is possible.”

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