Our Fun Cup debut – Silverstone – Sat 27th August 2016

Entering The Fun Cup Championship late in the season with 4 races to go, we're not here to compete for the championship. We're here to gain experience, give the drivers and crew race time, and show everyone what our team is all about. A week after collecting our car, that had just undergone a total re-build by JPR, we had one track day to get to know the car. It was time to get thrown in the deep end. Our "shake down" of the car, drivers and crew was a huge success. For their first ever race, our drivers performed beyond expectation. They raced in sunshine, rain and torrential rain - perfect testing! Their laps times proved they have the pace so with more experience we know we will be on the pace. The Slide Sports crew were what we expected - totally dependable and always on the ball. We had a fire during quali, which they very calmly handled and got the car sorted and ready for the race. One of the lads very politely said to our driver, "Please get out of the car, we have a fire." When the driver didn't move fast enough, he efficiently unbuckled him and removed him. A serious yet comical moment that sadly wasn't caught on camera! We were enormously proud to welcome three of our sponsors - Viking Inspections, Carwood and ABF The Soldiers' Charity. More news to follow. And what about Fun Cup? We couldn't have been made to feel more welcome by all the teams and Fun Cup staff. What a fantastically friendly yet fully competitive series! We got to learn the Fun Cup race set up which has been very cleverly designed to keep the championship interesting and gives everyone a fighting chance to make the podium. The race grid is set up randomly and the winner of the last race goes to the back. We were given 19th place out of 24, and that's where we finished. Team BRIT has found a home! This is the perfect championship for us and we can’t wait to get our other rookies out on track, and give other injured troops an opportunity to experience this amazing series as our guest drivers – we have a couple of injured US soldiers who race in America keen to join us for a race each. Our next Fun Cup race will be even better as we have 2 x 3hrs races in one day – a 3hr day race and a 3hr night race at Anglesey on Sat 24th Sep.

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