Race Report – Silverstone 24hr – Fri 1st to Sun 3rd April 2016

It was a weekend of extreme highs and lows.

We qualified 9h in the A3 class of 14 cars - 19th overall out of 41 cars.

Our race started great and we slowly made our way up the grid.

When rain started, as it was getting dark, this is when our race got really exciting.

Our front wheel drive Golf is fantastic in the rain. David Pittard put in fastest laps, one after the other, slicing his way through traffic. Mark Allen, Martyn Compton and Julian Thomas all took their turns throughout the wet and windy night, pushing us up the grid. With 6hrs 30mins hours to go, the rain had stopped and the track was drying out. We were now on full slicks and again David Pittard impressed everyone with his unbelievable pace and smoothness. We were in 2nd place in class - 8th overall. We were over 2 laps ahead of P3 and increasing the gap, and 5 laps behind P1 - with over 6hrs to go. Not in our wildest dreams did any of us - driver or crew - imagine we'd be in such a strong position, with a strong chance of maintaining a podium finish and a realistic chance of finishing first. This was first 24 hour race in a car for Martyn and Mark. The first time we raced as a team with Julian Thomas and David Pittard. The first time we raced with our new crew, Slide Sports, lead by Mark "Jelly" Jenkins. Our garage was electric with finding ourselves in such a fantastic position. We'd had our share of bad luck and incident - once even being stuck in a gravel trap for 14 mins… a 60 sec penalty… 2 punctures… another time penalty (10 secs)… But our team of 4 amazingly determined and focused drivers pushed our VW Golf on and on, expertly supported by a crew of truly fantastic individuals that dealt with everything thrown at them. 24 hour racing is ruthless and it was time for us to taste the pain… Our DSG gear box packed in and needed to be replaced - a 2hr job at least. Our race was over but not one single member of our garage ever doubted we would be finishing the Silverstone 24hr - come what may. Jelly got his crew to work and within an impressive 90 mins of perfect teamwork from his Slide Sports crew, our car was back on track. We limped home 10th in class with a very bruised and battered, but equally determined car. We are extremely proud of this incredible achievement, against some immensely high odds. There are so many people to thank, including our amazing supporters who followed the race live on Motors TV and sent us messages of encouragement on Facebook and Twitter. For today, we just want to share this news with you and tell you how proud we are of finishing the Silverstone 24hr. It was not the result we all worked so very hard for, but – as a new team - we have more than proven ourselves as a seriously competitive outfit. Tomorrow we'll post lots of photos.

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