Revolutionary hand controls set to transform disability motorsport

The world’s most advanced vehicle hand controls, designed in conjunction with Team BRIT, are now internationally available to drivers, manufacturers and race teams.

The hand controls, currently used by Team BRIT, which aims to be the first all-disabled team to compete in the Le Mans endurance race,  use technology never seen in the industry to date and set the standards for disability racing.

The high tech system involves an electronic throttle, electronic clutch and electronic gear changing, which is common in motorsport, but the new system also introduces an extremely advanced system to brake electronically.

Team BRIT founder Dave Player and team mechanic Al Locke had been searching to find a technician who could bring their ideas for the advanced system to life and found Marko Mlakar, a specialist technician from Slovenia who had pioneered an H-box shifter kit and was keen to take the project on. Just four months after the initial email, Marko had taken the team’s specification and contributed towards developing the world’s most advanced hand controls that will work on any race car with a sequential gear box.

The controls have now been rigorously tested and were successfully used by the team during ‘the longest race in the world’ when they competed in the 25 hour Fun Cup race at Circuit de Spa Francorchamps in July.  The team’s disabled drivers have also regularly used the controls throughout the Fun Cup championship which started in April this year.

Marko has been involved in Motorsport for the last 20 years, specializing in motorsport electronics and paddle shifting. He successfully developed a unique paddle shifting system for an H-pattern gearbox for his own racing car then began his own business, MME Motorsport, which operates successfully all over the world.

The fully customisable controls are now available to purchase from MME Motorsport.

Marko said: “The first time I talked to Dave I sensed the real passion behind his work and his team and it was only natural for me to join them – the hand controls became one of my favorite projects and it took us more than 500 hours to finish the prototype. Something that looked simple at the beginning, turned out to be far more challenging.

After hours of hard work, we now have controls that have been designed with the ultimate goal of achieving faster lap times and allowing disabled people to compete on a completely level playing field with able bodied drivers.”

Dave Player has presented the hand controls to the Federation Internationale de L’automobile (FIA) and is now an expert on their international disability working group. The FIA hopes to introduce this technology to motorsport bodies across the world.

For further information on the controls, visit http://www.mme-motorsport.com/en/products/hand-controls.

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