Surrey ‘Le Mans Club’ meets Team BRIT

Team BRIT drivers and crew have spent an afternoon with the ‘The Sandy Farm Le Mans Club’ (known as the 'Lemons Club') a group of Le Mans enthusiasts who have been attending and following the race for 25 years.

The club was founded by ex-army medic Barry Smith, owner of ‘Symprove’ and meets regularly to discuss the iconic race and hear from key speakers.

Yesterday, Wednesday 7th March, Team BRIT visited the group at their meeting in Farnham, Surrey and told them all about their plans to make history by becoming the first all-disabled team to compete in the world-famous endurance race.

Drivers, most of whom are injured military troops, told the story of their time in service and how they sustained their injuries, before explaining what being part of the teams means for them.

The group also heard about the team’s world-leading hand control technology that allows its disabled drivers to compete equally with able-bodied drivers, and their plans to enter GT racing in their Aston Martin V8 Vantage this year.

Barry’s company, ‘Symprove’, which produces supplements for a healthy gut will also become a team sponsor this year.

Barry said "Being involved with team BRIT is without doubt a step up to a whole new level in motor racing.

"It will be challenging technically and financially for them to make it happen, and as a supporter it is emotionally challenging because once you have made the connect with this remarkable group of very able men, all you feel is that we must succeed.

"The potential for this team to enable and inspire able and disabled alike is incalculable.

"Without a doubt everyone that attended the Team BRIT Lemons Club event went away humbled, impressed and committed to help the team to achieve in any way they can." 

CEO and Founder of Team BRIT, Dave Player said, “It was great to meet members of the Le Mans Club this week.  They share our passion for the iconic race, and also want to see a determined, British team make history by showing the world what is possible for disabled drivers.

“We’re extremely grateful for their support and hope to see them trackside at Le Mans when we enter the race in 2020.”

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