Team BRIT supports US disabled racing team

Team BRIT is proud to be supporting Resilience Racing – an all-disabled team based in the US.

This all-veteran led team is formed around six combat veterans with incredible stories of accomplishment.

Having seen Team BRIT’s achievements in the UK, Co-Founder of Resilience Racing, Kirk Dooley, got in touch with Team BRIT founder Dave Player for advice and information on disability motorsport.

Dave shared information on the team’s world-leading hand controls, introducing Kirk to Slovenian engineers, MME Motorsport, who helped bring Team BRIT’s hand control designs to life.

Kirk served 24 years as an Intelligence and Special Operations Officer in the US Marines, where he undertook many overseas deployments including to Iraq and Afghanistan. Following his retirement from the military, he served as Chief of Staff for INDYCAR and is currently Director of Event Operations for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Co-Founder and former infantryman Jon Winker lost his left leg below the knee after being injured on duty in Iraq in 2009. He now competes in pro-touring, autocross and time trial events.

Current Resilience Racing drivers are:

Major Matt Lampert - former Special Operations Manager in the US Marines.  Matt was severely injured in Afghanistan in 2010, resulting in the loss of both legs.  Despite his injuries he continued to serve and even went back to Afghanistan to operate alongside his brother, Nate. He runs 10 miles a week on prosthetics and serves as staff for a US Senator.

Sergeant Kirstie Ennis - former helicopter door gunner in the UK marines.  Kirstie sustained critical injuries during a crash in Afghanistan in 2012, resulting in the loss of one leg.  She is now a stuntwoman, a veterans’ advocate, and an adaptive extreme athlete. She is working towards a 7 Summits Project to raise money for the Kirstie Ennis Foundation and recently returned from an Everest climb that experienced technical challenges and left her only yards from completing the summit.

Supporting Matt and Kirstie are drivers Calum Belden, a Marine Captain and Nate Lampert, a Marine CWO.

The team had its debut race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this July, using Team BRIT’s hand control design, and is now working on building support to get back on the track next year.

Team BRIT Founder Dave Player said, “I couldn’t be happier to be helping Kirk and his team to develop Resilience Racing.

“They share exactly the same ethos and goals as us, and we will share all the knowledge and experience we have to help support the growth of their team.

“Our hand controls are the result of lengthy research, design and innovation to create a system that truly levels the playing field for disabled drivers and we hope that teams across the world will embrace this technology so that more and more disabled people can compete on the race track.

“Our dream is to take our drivers out to Indianapolis to race alongside the Resilience Racing team. Together we can show the world that disability is no barrier to competitive racing.”

For news and information on Resilience Racing follow @ResilienceRacingTeam on Facebook or email info@resilienceracing.com

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