Team BRIT welcomes ARCTEC steel structures

Team BRIT is delighted to welcome another new partner following the amazing coverage filmed by partner Scruffy Bear Pictures and aired on Sky Sports F1 just before the summer break. Arctec Steel Structures first saw their logos appear on the car at the Team's debut race in the Fun Cup at Silverstone last weekend. The logos will remain on the car for the balance of the 2016 season. Team Principal of Team BRIT Dave Player commented. "Managing Director Ashely Goudie was the first person to get in touch with the team even before the Sky coverage had finished, so I am delighted that we have managed to create a partnership that met Ashley's marketing objectives. The Team are always looking for new sponsors so if you think your company may be able to help or you know somebody that might, then please get in touch!" Managing Director of ArcTec Steel Structures Ashley Goudie said "When I saw the TV coverage of Team BRIT and how they performed in the recent Silverstone 24hr race against all the odds I knew it was a project I wanted to support. Team BRIT worked with me to create a partnership that worked for both of us and I look forward to the start of what will hopefully be a long term partnership." For more information on ArcTec Steel Structures visit www.ArctecStructures.co.uk

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