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“As we approach the end of 2021 and head towards another Christmas with a difference, I’d like to look back on what an incredible year it has been.

“If anyone was to look over my thoughts over the past few years, you’d quite rightly point out that I continually claim ‘this has been our best year yet’. It’s true, I say it all the time, and I’m going to say it again!

“It’s true because I’m lucky and privileged to be part of a team that does not know any way other than upwards, and that continues to grow and to achieve beyond expectations.

“We start every year with big goals. We aim high, take chances and never give up. That’s resulted in us now owning our biggest ever fleet of cars, being supported by our biggest ever team of crew and staff and working with our biggest ever team of drivers.“

On top of that we’ve acquired a brand new McLaren 570s GT4 and we’re preparing for entries across three championships.

“I never take for granted the fact that this is down to the hard work and determination of our team, but also the support and belief of our sponsors, friends and fans.

“Thank you to all who have helped us financially, provided us with essential kit and equipment, liked or shared a social media post, or come to cheer us on at a race.  Everything makes a difference and it is what will help us keep smashing those glass ceilings.

“I’d like to wish every member of our team, every sponsor and our every member of our wider community a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Bring on 2022.”


A Christmas Message from Dave Player