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Our races

We race in a number of championships, designed to provide competitive racing opportunities for our drivers at every level of experience.

We’re creating a ladder of motorsport development, offering entry-level endurance racing, right up to the highest level of GT racing in the UK.

At every race, our drivers are supported by our skilled, experienced crew and professional driver coach.

McLaren Trophy

Racing at five of Europe’s most iconic circuits, alongside GT World Challenge, Europe , the championship will boast an incredible level of coverage and exposure. All ten races will be live streamed across multiple channels, and state-of-the-art facilities offer the chance to experience what it means to race with McLaren.

Team BRIT car: McLaren 570S GT4

British GT Championship

First organised by the British Racing Drivers Club in 1993, the series was originally known as the BRDC National Sports GT Challenge.

Now, it is organised by the Stephane Ratel Organisation, and is one of the most respected and hotly contested GT championships in Europe.

Two classes currently compete in the championship: GT3 and GT4.

Team BRIT car: McLaren 570S GT4

British Endurance Championship

Formed in 2021, the Motorsport UK-sanctioned British Endurance Championship (BEC) is the newest event to be formed by the Britcar organisation.

The events, which begin in 2022, feature a warm-up, 30-minutes qualifying, and one two-hour race, with a mandatory pit stop, and are open to one or two-driver teams.

The Championship features six classes based on Britcar’s Balance of Performance Indicator (BEPI).

Team BRIT car: McLaren 570S GT4

Britcar Trophy

The Britcar Trophy Category is open to any car whose performance does not reach the GT4 or TCR standard.

Each event features a pair of fifty-minute races with a mandatory pit stop, allowing cars to be shared with two drivers.

The Trophy Category shares some race weekends with Praga and the British Endurance Championship.

Team BRIT cars: BMW M240i

Citroen C1 Series

This low cost endurance racing series sees standard, first generation Citroen C1s line up on the track, with some club supplied modifications to the suspension to reduce tyre wear.

It is very tightly controlled and no modifications are allowed to engine or transmission – the goal being close racing for everyone on a budget. From 2023, our rookies begin their Team BRIT journey in C1 racing.

Team BRIT cars: Citroen C1