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15-year-old Arlo Kearns from Hove was invited along to the recent Team BRIT Open Day to find out more about our work.  Arlo has cerebral palsy and is keen to explore the world of sim racing. Here he recounts his experiences of the day….

“My experience at Team BRIT was spectacular. 

Leading up to the day, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. I got to meet so many people. At first, I felt a little nervous and overwhelmed, but the amazing people there made me feel comfortable very quickly. As the day went on, I was offered a chance to go in a race car and be driven around a track that I know and many people know very well….a chance of a lifetime; the Top Gear track! 

I was so excited to get in the car. The driver who took me round was Bobby, and if you talked to Bobby for even 5 minutes you would quickly find out that Bobby has done some spectacular things in his life. So, it was Bobby who took me around the lap. He is very quick, and he wasn’t even pushing at his true pace! I got jolted around so much in the car. I felt so dizzy after, luckily I didn’t throw up! What would his true pace be like? He then he took my mum around the track which was quite funny!

Jimmy Broadbent was also at the track that day, it was a very surreal experience to meet him! He was trying out one of Team BRIT’s specially adapted simulators which I was watching him use, and as I was watching, I thought to myself, anything is possible! Maybe I could try out one of these simulators one day. 

A spectacular experience with Team BRIT