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Motor sport expert, former Le Mans champion and valued mentor to Team BRIT, Kaye Wilson, gives her views on the team, why she supports them and their chances of reaching Le Mans.

My own personal association with the sport of motor racing began back in 1985 when as a woman working at the sharp end in the Sportscar World Championship you stood out like a sore thumb and were an obvious target! Consequently in order to progress, let alone succeed, in any way, shape or form, I had to have an unending reserve of grit and determination. So when I came upon Dave Player and KartForce back in 2013, and the group of guys that were involved in the on-track karting session I attended that day, I immediately realised my level of grit and determination paled into insignificance when compared to what these guys had faced and were endeavouring to overcome.

Nothing was going to stand in their way either! No hurdles were too high, no mountains were too big. Finally, in their karts, despite their injuries – visible or invisible – and in some cases with the help of purpose built braking and gearing aids especially developed for them – they were all on a path leading to a level playing field which would give them the opportunity to compete against able-bodied competitors; easy for many of us to say, but a milestone for these guys that needed to be reached.

It was a priceless experience for me; I immediately wanted to help – and I urge anyone who respects our troops and/or enjoys motorsport, to also get involved, you can all make a difference. I have followed the progress of KartForce, and it’s emerging Team Brit, ever since and having witnessed their amazing results and learning the aim which Team Brit has of competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2020, it is simply astounding and I applaud every one of them.

Le Mans is tough, very tough indeed; I’ve been involved in the event many, many times and been lucky enough to enjoy several podiums, two of which were overall wins. Perhaps the single biggest element of motorsport is teamwork, and our wounded soldiers totally understand teamwork, it’s in their DNA. They also understand respecting “orders” and when motorsport is working like clockwork it’s because the orders are being followed. Le Mans is a battle in itself; just to finish the race is a real feat, and, more often than not, it succeeds with a little bit of luck thrown in. I have no doubt that all the guys will be up to it, and if Lady Luck is required, then I hope it will be Team Brit she visits in Le Mans 2020.

Kaye Wilson, Managing Director, Kaye Wilson Associates (KWA).

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I urge anyone who respects our troops and/or enjoys motorsport, to also get involved, you can all make a difference.