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Team BRIT photographer Dave Archer tells us how he was introduced to the team, why he supports it and the challenge he took on with such a huge story to tell.

“Make mine a double port”…..these are the first words I remember spoken by Team BRIT Founder Dave Player, followed closely by “just leave the bottle”. The rest is history, but it was a good night.

Team BRIT is different… very different both in body and mind. They are driven, passionate individuals turning a daily challenge into an improvement opportunity and I knew from the first minute I met Dave I wanted to be a part of it in any way I could be.

I first met the team at a business Christmas party, where Fraikin had just become a key sponsor – they were clearly there to inspire from their own stories and keen to get their vision across. Talking through the challenges, obstacles and daily grind of being an injured ex-serviceman rang true with me in many ways.

Losing those close to you through combat (or in any way) is really tough, even tougher for the families and friends. Already a sponsor of the Red Arrow bereavement societies due to my own personal losses in 2011 was rewarding, but I was looking for something more I could actually make a difference with.

Being a photographer for a while now, the obvious choice was to sponsor the team to help them get their message out there. I have a good amount of experience in challenging circumstances and figuring out the most appropriate way of portraying an image in the media of a person, a brand or a business message. It was obvious straight off the bat that the team members are the real stories and not so much the cars, but it all needed to be portrayed correctly.

My photography brief from the team was straight forward enough!!; “Team Brit is a business, not a charity. They are physically challenged, not physically incapable; and strive for excellence even when not afforded it without holding a grudge. They are injured, some massively, both physically & mentally but overcome – they are fighters. They are humble when they have cause to shout their achievements from the rooftops. They WILL level the playing field in motorsport”

I talked with the Nikon photography icon Joe McNally about how to possibly get all this across in single shots as my brief was, well, huge. Nothing like this had been done before …..No challenge then!

The best advice he gave was to keep it true. True to the guy’s own personal message, true to the overall vision of the team and let my own talents come through….thanks Joe.

The Fun Cup series (in which Team Brit currently race) was an opportunity for me to demonstrate a powerful image of the true potential of the team to the premium race manufacturers, whose support we needed to help us make history.

The target of getting to Le Mans in 2020 means time is always of the essence and key partners are required soon. I therefore worked on a branding and image roadmap for the team to help them tell their story to manufacturers. Having worked with some of the major automotive brands previously, I know what images can create the desired effect, but I didn’t tell the team this… would influence the images too much.

As the first season comes to an end with the team, I can see and feel they have grown exponentially. They are now making strong moves towards GT4 with a major partnership announcement coming soon, and are making their presence felt all over the world.

I’m just a photographer; unassumingly creating an image I think will capture the public’s imagination and drive change regardless what the story is. Sometimes it works, sometimes not and I wonder what the hell I’m doing.

Whether its fashion, sports, portraits for magazines, children playing, or a grapefruit it doesn’t matter. For a photographer approaching a new project my advice is: be open-minded and free of any pre-conceptions. Do your homework, break down barriers and be fearless.

GT4 with Team BRIT next year is another milestone to try and get right but it will fun regardless…..I’ll be with friends.


Dave Archer is a professional commercial photographer and multi-published photo journalist. A Nikon Ambassador working with a vast range of businesses, major brands, events and projects.

If you would like to speak to David regarding any images, projects or upcoming photography requirements you can contact him on +44(0) 777 5680390 or

“Nothing like this had been done before …..No challenge then!”