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Hear from Team BRIT Race Engineer Al Locke on the team’s biggest race to date….

The Aston Martin Festival at Le Mans was a great race for us; we set out to demonstrate our capabilities as a team and proved that beyond any doubt. Fighting for P1 around the 24 Hour circuit is the most incredible feeling on the pit wall. We had some setbacks along the way but true to form the team rolled with the punches and we pushed forward with high spirits. The race report tells what happened on the day, so I won’t go over that all again, but suffice to say it was an incredible experience for everyone involved. The car ran well, the setup worked for us, and the drivers pedalled an absolutely blinding race.

After the Aston race came the main event, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. We all stayed to watch the race, to take in the sounds and smells of the most iconic event on the motorsport calendar. It served as a taste of things to come for Team BRIT with our mission to be on the grid in 2020. I left the circuit on Sunday evening more determined than ever to make it happen.

As humans we have this innate desire to climb the highest mountains, to land on the moon, to explore the depths of the ocean, to conquer every limit and boundary we find. I can’t really explain why we feel that need, but Team BRIT has found its Everest at La Sarthe, and after such a convincing performance at the Aston Martin Festival we’ve well-and-truly departed base camp on our way to the top.

Team BRIT found its Everest at La Sarthe