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Things certainly move fast at Team BRIT and I am not just talking about the cars!

This time last year we had just completed the second race of the 2017 Fun Cup season with our two Fun Cup cars. We are now about to enter our first GT Race with our very own Aston Martin GT4 car. A car that was prepared in the brand-new Team BRIT Headquarters.

As we continue to grow and head rapidly towards our goal of racing in the Le Mans 24hrs, then the cost of running the team also increases. Running a race car is expensive and running three even more so! That is where out corporate partners come in. The use of phrase there is very specific. I don’t see our supporters as sponsors I see them as part of the Team BRIT family.

A prospective partner asked me for a current partner case study recently and I had so many great examples to choose from I didn’t know where to start. In the end I chose Fraikin – one of our longest running partners. Fraikin’s CEO used the company’s annual conference to unveil the Team BRIT car and partnership to ensure all the staff understood the reasons for the association, demonstrating what could be achieved in the face of adversity and doing what some say couldn’t be done! From then on, Fraikin staff and clients have attended races, the drivers spoke at a supplier conference where we met a company who is now a team sponsor (Crouch Recovery) and not forgetting our photographer extraordinaire David Archer is Fraikin’s head of data analytics!

Partnerships take many forms. Some companies supply product, some cash sponsorship and some a mixture of both. GITI tyres is a great example of that. The partnership has grown from a supply of tyres, to cash investment and probably most valuable of all – access to their driving training facilities at MIRA. This ensures our relatively inexperienced drivers can be brought up to speed quickly and in a much safer environment than a live race track.

Team BRIT is flexible and innovative when it comes to partnerships, something I am very proud of. It is not one size fits all. We work with our prospective partners to find a package that meets their marketing objectives.

A package might start as small as a cash contribution to pay for a driver training session. This isn’t enough to have your company name on the car but the company or person that has paid for that understands exactly what their investment has been used for. This enables them to talk to their suppliers and customers about how they support Team BRIT not just paying money into the big pot.

Larger investments include branding across all our assets cars, drivers, truck, headquarters etc. If we’ve got something unbranded and you want to brand it just let me know. We’d like to build a state of the art meeting room at our new HQ this could be named after whoever pays for its construction and fit-out. There are no crazy ideas only opportunities to find solutions.

Other examples of items we need at our new HQ include: a mezzanine floor, disabled access lift, decoration, lighting etc. etc. Please contact me so I can work with you to create a package that for example might be a mix of cash investment, service provision and product supply.

I’m always available to talk to prospective team partners so why not give me a call and find out how Team BRIT could assist in achieving your business goals.

Mike Scudamore
Commercial Director
Tel +44(0)7787 546 095

Team BRIT is flexible and innovative when it comes to partnerships