eTeam BRIT

E-Racing for disabled drivers

eTeam BRIT is an all-disabled sim racing team and the newest arm of motorsport’s most inspirational team.
Set up in Summer 2019, eTeam BRIT drivers have access to the world leading hand controls used by the team on the race track, giving them access to the best in racing technology for their at home sim set ups.
Competing in iRacing, eTeam BRIT drivers will race in official endurance events and private leagues, as well as taking on racers in solo events.  In the future, we hope to expand to other platforms and sims, racing in separate eTeam BRIT teams.
The most talented drivers could have the chance to test in one of the Team BRIT cars out on track. Our goal is to help train and develop an e-racer, supporting them to become a fully competitive, independently sponsored track racing driver. 
eTeam BRIT could provide a real chance for a disabled sim superstar to have a career in motorsport.

Join us

We are looking for disabled people that want to take up competitive sim-racing. We welcome people of all experience and ability and will support new team members as they learn the art of e-racing to be as competitive as possible.  
Anyone who joins the team must be enthusiastic and passionate about what we do, helping us to show the world that disability is no barrier to success. 
eTeam BRIT drivers will have the chance to test and purchase the Team BRIT hand controls, adapted for sim use. This is not an essential requirement, however, and if your current sim setup suits your needs better, you will continue to have access to the support and expertise of the team.
If you’re keen to find out more, head over to our Discord server https://discord.gg/KWwpzeV and introduce yourself in the chat.  


We continuously strive to find new ways of levelling the playing field for drivers with disabilities.
We’re testing ideas, working to create a system that is suitable for sim-racers with poor hand function, such as tetraplegics.  Once a prototype has been thoroughly tested on sims, we will look at testing it on a track, and open up the opportunity for more disabled people to take part in fully competitive motorsport.

Here is a link to one of our prototypes testing a throttle and brake set up – tilt forward to throttle and brake.


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