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A 32-year-old man from Kent, who was born with a spinal condition, has been confirmed as the latest driver to join Team BRIT.

Dom Shore, who lives in Chatham, is the latest rookie to join our team, which welcomes drivers with both physical and psychological disabilities.

Dom was born with spina bifida, a condition that occurs when the spine and spinal cord don’t form properly. After spending the first month of his life on all fours, face down to ensure he was kept off his back, in an incubator and several drips, he was also diagnosed with hydrocephalus, the abnormal build-up of fluid on the brain. This had to be monitored via regular hospital visits before a shunt was implanted in his brain to drain the excess fluid into his stomach.

Since then, he has had numerous operations on his feet and hips. His parents were told by experts that he would never walk or live independently and that he would face learning challenges.

Despite this, supported by his parents, Dom lives an independent life. He is paralysed from the knee down, so uses a wheelchair and crutches but works full-time for his local council and is now set to embark on his dream to compete in motorsport.

A long-term racing fan, having watched his dad in club racing events from the age of four, Dom enjoyed racing online as a child and was encouraged to try out karting. At the age of nine he took part in remote-control car racing, proving experts wrong by taking to it naturally. He went on to win a national championship in 2017. He has also competed in disabled strongman competitions.

Having seen Team BRIT as part of a TV feature, Dom took part in a track day at Donington, trying out the team’s innovative hand control technology and getting out on a race track for the first time.

He secured his race licence in November 2023 and has now been announced as one of the team’s rookie drivers, competing in the Britcar Trophy driving a BMW 1 series alongside his new teammate, Caleb McDuff, the UK’s only Deaf male racing driver.

Dom said: “Being a racing driver has always been my dream. Ever since watching my dad racing Porsches when I was a child, I always knew that was where I wanted to be. I think I had just accepted that it wasn’t an option for me, as there weren’t the facilities available to make it possible with my disability”.

“When I saw Team BRIT on TV, I knew I had to find out more. At that first track day at Donington, I saw how it was possible for the team’s disabled drivers to compete against able bodied drivers equally. The hand controls make is completely possible in a way that standard adaptive road car controls don’t”.

“I finished my laps on track that day and immediately asked to go out again.  I just loved it and I’m really excited to be looking forward to a whole season of racing with the team. I have a lot to learn but the team has welcomed me with open arms, so I’m up for the challenge and will look forward to getting to know my teammates.  I also hope to inspire other disabled drivers in the same way I was.”

Dom races for the first time at Donington Park Circuit on 30th March.

Aspiring racing driver from Kent joins Team BRIT