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The team headed to Brands Hatch last weekend for round 5 of the Britcar Championship.

Over 250 sponsors and guests joined the team, enjoying the amazing hospitality and view of the full track from the Brands Hatch Clubhouse.

All three cars were running on top form again, even the BMW M240i that had been damaged in the freak fire during the last round at Silverstone.

Each car started the round at either 3rd or 4th in their respective championship points table, leaving drivers excited and ready to work for even more points and to challenge for an overall podium.

Tragically, a horrific incident on Saturday during a race taking place before our championship, saw a car leave the track and smash through a barrier into a marshal’s post. The marshal did not survive.  All racing was cancelled for the rest of the day.

On Sunday, our BMW M240i started both races in P6, finished race 1 in P6 and DNF in race 2 due to electrical issues. Driver Andy Tucker was later named ‘Driver of the Day’ by race organisers.

The BMW 118i qualified P8 in both races and whilst in P3 in race one, it was taken out by another car.  The damage was too much to repair in time for race 2.

Team BRIT Founder Dave Players comments: “Our racing performance feels of no importance on this occasion, when we consider the tragedy that occurred on Saturday.

“Motorsport could not take place without the amazing dedication of our Orange Army.  Racing marshals are all volunteers and come out in all weather conditions to don their famous orange overalls and provide their expert support that helps ensure races run smoothly and safely.

“To have a marshal lose their life whilst carrying out the job they love has hit the racing community hard, so racing this weekend was rather insignificant.

“This weekend will never be forgotten – by all of us in Team BRIT and the wider motorsport community.  We will remember our marshal and send our deepest condolences to their family.”

Photo credit: Stevie Borowick

Brands Hatch Race Report. Not a weekend to celebrate but one never to be forgotten
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