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Team BRIT is proudly announcing its latest sponsor, Ed Goodchild of Zendht Venture Studio.

A long-term friend of the team, Ed is an enthusiastic innovator and perennial entrepreneur who now heads up the Zendht Venture Studio, which is developing a portfolio of dynamic businesses.

A venture studio creates and builds new businesses from step zero with a full range of services and people.

Today Zendht has three digital businesses which are positively influencing client outcomes. Chawker helps you find your professional advisers on the basis of real client feedback not the usual cherry-picked testimonials. Deputy Finance introduces private capital to property developers so that the housing shortfall is reduced. The award winning Arbor Steel cyber-citadel ensures individuals, companies and charities can be cyber-safe as they share privileged information with their commercial partners.

The Zendht branding is now proudly emblazoned on the Team BRIT fleet of cars and Ed’s support will be helping the team with its continued push for championship points throughout the remainder of the 2021 season.

Ed Goodchild comments: “Zendht Venture Studio is in awe of the innovation and determination of Team BRIT. Like them, our success is based on grit, perseverance and smart thinking. Business is powered by people in teams, so we understand each other.

“Zendht builds new businesses to solve recurring problems. Like Team BRIT we fight against the odds to win.”

Team BRIT Founder Dave Player said: “We’re incredibly grateful for Ed’s formal support of our team for the rest of this year’s racing season.

“Ed has supported us personally for many years, so to bring him on board as a corporate sponsor is really quite special to us, as he has seen first hand the work and dedication that has gone into getting us where we are today.

“We are delighted that our cars will bear the Zendht branding and look forward to doing Ed and his team proud on the track this year.”

More information on Zendht Venture Studio can be found at

Entrepreneur and innovator gets behind Team BRIT
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