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Team BRIT drivers will receive additional bespoke support throughout their racing season thanks to the latest member to join our support team.

Human Performance Psychologist, Philip De Prez has joined the team as our motorsport psychologist, giving his services to drivers to help with their development and psychological wellbeing.

Philip has already worked with team driver Aaron Morgan, who contacted him for help during the 2023 season. Aaron was looking for ways to re-build his racing confidence, but also to give him new ways of thinking about racing to get him to his best driving ability.

Phillip then joined us for winter testing in Portimao, Portugal to get to know the drivers, crew and management team.

Photos from the testing at the Algarve in Portugal Feb 2024

A competitive racer himself, driving off road in autograss championships, Phillip has combined his interests in psychology and driving, in his work with sportspeople today.

He explains, “I’ve always had an interest in what motivates people at the highest performance level, looking at highly successful racers – what motivates them to be the best and to keep pushing to win again and again?

“I wrote my Phd on this, looking at what it is in a ‘challenge’ that people really relish – what sets it apart from a job or task and what raises your motivation. This is so interesting from a racing perspective, and when I work with people, it’s about trying to find out where their strengths are, and what areas they’re looking to improve in. I always try and empower the driver to come up with their own solutions. Everyone is unique and what works for me won’t work for someone else.  I use my experience of being on track and those of others, to suggest how to improve.

“It was great working with Aaron last year and I’m looking forward to working with the other drivers throughout the rest of the season.  We’ll be looking at a reflective process, looking at how they prepare for a race and when, when they get into ‘race mode’ and what that preparation looks like.

“Each driver will have different needs and will be at different places in their psychological handling of racing, so we’ll create tailored solutions to support them in the lead up to races, with the goal of getting them as prepared as possible for every time they head out on track.”

Photos from the testing at the Algarve in Portugal Feb 2024
Motorsport Psychologist joins support team