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Team BRIT rookie Paul Fullick has announced a new personal sponsor with a key personal connection.

Fareham-based Carbon Fibre Tubes will be supporting Paul throughout his first racing season this year, with its branding found across his BMW 118i and race helmet. He is racing in the Britcar Championship alongside fellow rookie Tyrone Mathurin.

Carbon Fibre Tubes manufactures composite tubing and parts for a wide range of industries, with a huge variety of applications. Their work includes designing and manufacturing parts for Formula 1 cars, motorsport pit equipment, medical technology, marine equipment, aerospace components, sustainable technology infrastructure and even defence equipment.

Paul has known the founder and Managing Director of Carbon Fibre Tubes, Simon Brackwell, since he was 4. The pair grew up together in their hometown of Fareham and have enjoyed many adventures together including competing the Dakar Rally to the Gambia in 2008. Paul’s younger brother also works as the firm’s Production Manager.

A keen motorcyclist, Paul was on a touring trip to Wales in 2021, when he was involved in an accident which resulted in the loss of his right leg. Incredibly, he was back on his motorbike just one week after a month-long stay in hospital, then went on to secure his race licence after meeting Team BRIT.

Operating from Paul and Simon’s hometown of Fareham, the company has grown and developed over the past 18 years. Carbon Fibre Tubes’ wide range of capabilities allows them to solve complex technical problems and produce highly engineered composites for their customers’ projects.

Alongside financial support for Paul’s racing, the team at Carbon Fibre Tubes also hopes to assist Team BRIT with technical consultancy to support its innovation into adaptive disability technology.

Carbon Fibre Tubes Managing Director, Simon Brackwell, explains:

“Paul and I have been like family for years. We’re always supportive of the fantastic adventures he pursues, so as soon as he told us about Team BRIT we were hugely proud and knew we wanted to help.

“He’s a regular visitor to our HQ and together we often discuss how we can get involved to help him and others with solutions for improving mobility and delivering assistive technologies. We often muse over how to enhance prosthetics, improve wheelchairs or introduce more 3D printed and composite components to assistive equipment. Learning about the Team BRIT hand controls has been fantastic and alongside supporting Paul to race, we’re really keen to see how we can help enhance the components used in the team’s tech.

“As a business we’re all about solving complex problems which is something the team clearly excels at.  I just hope that together we can make an even greater difference in motorsport accessibility.”

Paul Fullick said: “I’m really humbled and grateful to have such fantastic support from Simon and the team at Carbon Fibre Tubes.  Simon is like a brother to me, and my own brother is a key part of their company, so it really is a family business.  They never fail to get behind what I’m doing and the enthusiasm they have shown over the start of my racing career has been just amazing.

I’m really excited about having them with me this season and introducing them to Team BRIT’s technical crew to see what fantastic innovation we can develop together.”

More information on Carbon Fibre Tubes can be found at

Paul welcomes new lifelong friend as racing sponsor