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Asha Silva

  • 40yrs
  • Kettering
  • Diagnosed with adult autism

40-year-old Asha Silva was diagnosed with adult autism and ADHD, and hopes that her story will encourage others to seek help and understand the battles they face, whilst also encouraging more women into the sport.

Asha began to realise she may need support with her mental health after going through conflict with her family and temporarily losing contact with them.  Her wife Anji encouraged her to seek help and following counselling and an understanding of her condition, she has thrived and has a positive relationship with her family.

Asha has been a long-term lover of cars and racing, and describes motorsport as being “in her blood” as her grandfather competed in races in the African safari.  She would watch F1 with her father as a child and idolised Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher. She joined Team BRIT as a rookie in 2023 and began racing in the Citroen C1 series. In 2024 she steps up to the Britcar Trophy Championship, driving our BMW M240i alongside Noah Cosby.

Asha says: “To be honest, it feel like a dream that this is happening. I am a real believer that if you think big, anything can happen, and life has a funny way of making things happen if you believe.

“I’ve faced many battles throughout life, as a gay woman, and also as a woman working in a male-dominated industry.  I know that I will be in the minority in the racing paddock too, but I’m proud to be doing what I am. If I can inspire other women to get into a sport such as this, or to inspire someone who might think they could have a hidden disability to get some help, then that makes me really happy.


Asha Silva
Asha Silva

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