Noah Cosby

  • 18yrs
  • Towcester
  • Former Motocross Freestyler

18-year-old Noah from Heathencote in Towcester

Noah had his first taste of motorsport when he was just five.  His dad had been a motocross free rider for years and soon introduced Noah to the sport. Noah was soon riding regularly, building jumps on his grandparents’ farm, and after years of riding, set his sights on moving to the USA after finishing his education to pursue a career as a professional freestyle motocross rider, competing in the X-Games.

Shortly after the second Covid lockdown, Noah took on a shorter than usual jump, having stopped riding for a couple of months due to the pandemic.  He didn’t slow down enough for the shorter distance, overshot the jump and landed flat, breaking his back.

Since finishing school, he has been supported by the Matt Hampson Foundation, where he has received physical and psychological therapy sessions and a dedicated personal trainer. It is there that he met Team BRIT GT4 driver Aaron Morgan, who has a similar injury, also sustained through motocross. Aaron introduced him to the team and arranged for him to visit the HQ in Surrey where he tried out the hand controls on a racing simulator and had a tour of the team’s racing fleet.

He has joined as a rookie and will begin competing in the Citroen C1 series from March 2023, using the team’s innovative hand control technology which enables him to drive without the use of his legs.

“Being given this chance has given me lot of the confidence I had lost back.  I’m not like I was before the accident. I was always proud of my physicality, my strength and my fitness.  Not being able to do the things I loved with my friends has been really hard, but now knowing I can compete in this way makes me feel more whole again.”


Noah Cosby
Noah Cosby
Noah Cosby
Noah Cosby

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