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Team BRIT driver Paul Fullick has taken on a new role for the team as business development manager.

Paul, who is preparing for his first ever season of GT4 racing in the British Endurance Championship, has undertaken the brand new post, designed to help drive forward a range of non-racing projects for the team.

Paul will carry out the work alongside his own self-employed businesses, working with the management team to develop a range of new projects and initiatives.

Projects underway include the creation of Team BRIT ‘Behind the Scenes’ days for schools and community groups, new sponsorship activation opportunities and revenue generation projects including racing experience days with the team.

Paul said: “This is entirely new role for the team – something we’ve needed for some time to push forward all the brilliant ideas and opportunities we have.

“Whilst we focus on racing for the large part of our year, what we enjoy just as much, is the community outreach we’re involved in, and the direct engagement with young people, community groups and other disabled drivers.  Some of my best memories with the team have been seeing what an impact we’ve made on a young person who has come to see us at a race track or HQ, and where we can really see how we’ve inspired them to consider trying something they thought was impossible.

“On top of that, like any other race team, we need funds to race – so we’re looking at new ways of generating income on top of our sponsorship. There are so many ways we can do this, from creating ‘one of a kind’ experience days to upskilling our drivers in the services they can offer.

“I feel very lucky to have a dual role now, as a driver and as a part of the management team – I love Team BRIT and all it’s about, so taking on this extra job feels more like a passion than a job!”

Paul takes new key team role